Monday, November 23, 2015

Side-Swept Caged Braid Hairstyle

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This beautiful side-swept caged braid is perfect for all looks. Just add your favorite hair accessory and your look is complete!

Watch this video to learn how to create this easy-to-do hairstyle perfect for those with medium length to long hair.

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Friday, October 11, 2013


I am blessed to have someone whom I share my excitement with whenever the 9th of October comes. And though this year is quite different as neither of us took a day off from work to spend the whole day together, we still made the night of our 8th anniversary really special.

To celebrate this special day, we headed to THE QUEEN AND MANGOSTEEN

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Situated within Vivo City, this gourmet pub can cater both to those who want to savor their meal in a cozy environment and those who want to enjoy some booze with friends while listening to their favorite songs being played by a live band.

They have a wide range of meals from soups to salads to grilled meat. So for starters, we ordered Classic Ceasar Salad with Grilled Chicken and a bowl of chips (aka french fries). The salad is divine. The grilled chicken bits are perfectly tender and juicy. The salad dressing matches the greens in the salad, cruttons, eggs, and cheese.  The chips were nicely fried. We liked how crispy it was on the outside, but soft on the inside.

Classic Ceasar Salad with Grilled Chicken

For our main dish, we ordered Queen’s Mixed Grill Platter. The platter included pork banger, beef rib eye, chicken chop, lamb rack, jumbo king prawn, and a bowl of salad and mashed potato. 


Mashed Potato


Jumbo Prawn, Rib Eye, and Lamb Rack

Pork Banger
Chicken Chop

Here's how I would rate my experience:

Food: 8
Aside from the jumbo prawn that we didn’t really like because it smelled a little too raw to us, every other dish was nice. The slices of meat were perfectly done. Soft enough to be chewed, and juicy enough to have all that taste. 

Serving per meal: 10
Gluttony is what you will call it had we tried to finish everything that we had in front of us. I'd say that their serving for one meal is more than enough to be shared by two. You would need to double check with their staff just how big a meal is before ordering, otherwise, you will end up with way too many food than you can actually consume. Guilty!

Price: 9
A grill platter, mashed potato, salads, and fries for only $87. With that big of a serving, it was like paying for two meals for the price of one. It was worth every dollar.

Service: 6
I regret to say that we experienced very poor service from their crew. It felt like we were more polite to them than they were to us, which should have been okay had we not been their customers. They were taking food requests from us from afar, and that made asking them for something always awkward. There were almost always no one to assist us too. As mentioned earlier, the restaurant also has an area outside and there were just two sets of people who chose to eat inside; us and a group of guys. And we were always left alone. We got our glasses of warm water filled only twice; once while ordering and once when after we already asked for the bill.

Overall, I will give this The Queen and The Mangosteen a clean score of 7. The meal was great, but good service should always come hand-in-hand with an enticing menu, at least I think. Will I suggest the resto to my friends? Yes, I definitely would, but then again, I would give them a heads up on the service. 

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- A! 

Friday, October 4, 2013


Perfect partners.

Pardon my not-so-clean brush. I will
do a blog on cleaning brushes with my
Watch our for that! :) 
I have recently decided to jump on the bandwagon and purchase my own set of Sigma makeup brushes. And though the price of the set that I purchased – Essential Kit – is way more than I would spend on any makeup item, I can still say it was worth every cent.

The airbrush effect
I have yet to fully test all of the brushes in the kit – although I already know I will love each one of them. I have, however, made full use of Sigma F50 Duo Fibre; a foundation brush. As  described on the small pamphlet that came with the package: it will work well with powder, cream, and liquid foundation, and will give you an airbrush-like effect. Now, I don’t know how an airbrush effect would look like, but if it is what I get after using F50 to put on foundation, then I am really loving this airbrush-like effect they call.

It is like clouds bouncing on your face
Okay, you got me, I have never felt clouds bouncing on my face, but I bet it would give  the same feeling as when using these brushes –specifically the F50-  for makeup. It is so soft, and comparing it with the other drug store makeup brush brands that I used to own [threw them all after I got my heavenly makeup brush package], this definitely is a lot softer, lighter, and definitely ouch-free.

Nothing can get oilier
Having oily skin, I always opt to buy compact foundations. I don’t know why, but it was what I thought I could ONYL use. But thanks to GOSSMAKEUPARTIST, and thanks to baby J who introduced his Youtube channel to me, I found out that I also have all the rights in this world to use liquid foundation. And to try out a liquid foundation, I bought REVLON COLORSTAY liquid foundation in the shade early tan (no.340). Why Revlon Colorstay? First, it’s a lot more affordable than most liquid foundations, and second, it is for combination or oily skin, which is how my skin is! Plus, Wayne Goss did a quick video about great foundations for oily skin, and Revlon Colorstay happens to be one of them. (smile smile wink wink)

The experience
The Sigma brush will totally help make your foundation application a lot easier, and help distribute the product evenly on the skin. It is very soft, that going back on areas of your face over and over again will neither be painful nor irritating. It does help give a flawless look, which makes the brush even lovelier.

Never did I need to touch up with Revlon Colorstay foundation. And I will say it again, NEVER. Depending on the look you want to have, you can go for medium to full coverage with the product. It is very lightweight on the skin too! It never felt like I was wearing foundation.

I will give both the Sigma Brush and the Revlon Liquid Foundation a 7/10. I am totally in love with these two items. And both make me feel like a pro, because the result that I get after application is REALLY great. Sometimes, you don't need great hands, you just need the right tools. At least I think.

Love note: To purchase your own Sigma brushes, you can simply go to: Or you can check out the authorized retailers in your country. You can visit your local makeup stores for Revlon Colorstay foundation. Alternatively, you can visit their site (  to purchase items online. :)

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